Product designer passionate about holistic, accessible, and inclusive design.

Balázs Barta
Freelance Product Designer & Front-End Developer
A portrait of me

Hello, my name is Bala. I am a freelance multidiscipline designer from Hungary. Currently, I am working on several projects in the United States.

I have held various positions during my career, all of which have contributed to my expertise in the field. I take great pride in creating captivating digital experiences, designing user-friendly interfaces, and developing well-conceived design systems.

I firmly believe that design should be accessible and inclusive to all individuals. This core principle guides my approach to every project I undertake.

Passion areas

My area of specialization is user interface design with a focus on design systems, however, I also enjoy UX design, branding, and front-end development. Some of the areas and tools that I am passionate about:

Product Design
Design Systems
Responsive Web Design
User Interface Design
App Design
User Experience Design
Design Tokens
Graphic Design
Front-End Development
Accessibility (A11y)
Web Optimization

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Certificates & Awards

Selected clients

Machinery Partner
Boston, MA
Product Design / Web Development / Design System
Valencia, Spain
Branding / Product Design / Design System
Frontier Risk Group
Westport, CT
Web Development / Graphic Design
Boston, MA
Branding / Product Design
Casper, WY
Product Design / Web Development / Design System
Boston, MA
Design System
Woburn, MA
App Design / Design System